Hi! My name is Miles, but I will also respond to “Poodle” or “Mr. Poodle.” In case you’re wondering, I AM just as sweet as I am cute, and I am an excellent cuddler! I am a Toy Poodle weighing in at a whopping 14 lbs. People often like to speculate about what other breeds I might be mixed with. The top three guesses I hear most often are Maltese, Bichon Frise, and Unicorn because I’m just that special. Unipoodle? Poodlecorn? Who knows?

One glorious day in 2010, I literally showed up in Chad’s back yard. I was in rough shape and really needed some help. I had tar and all kind of things matted in my fur since I had been hiking along a railroad track. I was also anemic because of fleas. Chad was so kind as to let me in his house and take me to the vet to get the help I needed, and I have been an excellent pet ever since.

I am always kind to people, and I’m calm the vast majority of the time. f you get close to me, I am prone to give kisses, but you can just let me know if you aren’t in the mood for it and I’ll stop. I’m just like most people in that I can sometimes get really excited or worked up about the things around me, and thus dysregulated from my normal calm state. But also like most people, with a little work and help from my friends, I can normally return to a calm state in short order. 

I love being around people of all ages. I play well with small children, and I can pick up on energy of people that need a calm buddy. I love taking any opportunity to brighten someone’s day! When Chad told me he wanted me to come work with him at Animal-Assisted Therapy of the Triangle, I was excited because now I get to train to be a therapy dog and help people just like Chad and all my other co-workers. This also means that I get to put on a spiffy bow-tie every day when I go to work. This poodle is living the dream, and would love to get acquainted with you!