Hi, my name is Max. I am a boxer mix and have become a bit spoiled by my new people. I was abandoned and was being walked into the euthanasia room when a volunteer pulled me and took me home with her. That home did not go so well for me, but fortunately Judy had been calling rescues looking for a dog. She was looking for a female, short tailed, English Boxer mix (ha ha ha) but she agreed to foster me after it was revealed that I was in danger where I was. It took a little bit and I had to learn that I had to share Judy with some other people.  I wasn’t very happy about that but now I love all of them. I am a gentle, people loving dog now and if I walk past you I will probably stop and wait for you to pet me. When I went to training they gave me treats to do some simple things and I fooled them into thinking that I was trying hard.  My family thinks my face is something called expressive and that I should have my own media page.

I went from being a dog no one cared about to a dog that gets to come to work with his mama and get petted all day. Judy calls this work. I like work, I get to sleep when I want to, I get to socialize with other working dogs, get petted all day and some people give me treats.  What a life!