Hi! My name is Ella, but I will also respond to “Ella Bella”, “Bells” or “Bell Bells”. I am a Doberman, which can frighten people, but I am the biggest, sweetest cuddle bug you will ever meet.  With my big smile, wagging nub and gentle nose nudges, I am inviting you to pet and rub me. Scratches behind my ears are my favorite!  

I started my life living with an elderly couple who reached the point they could no longer take care of me.  Rescue angels brought me to a Doberman rescue group, where Sarah found me and knew instantly that she wanted to adopt me.  I bonded quickly with Sarah and my new Doberman sibling, Rove. On walks I love to greet everyone, especially young children and Sarah thought that I might be a good candidate for therapy dog training.  I started my training and the rest, as they say, is history.  I am a certified Pet Partners therapy dog team with Sarah and we do volunteer visits in the community when we are not working at Animal Assisted Therapy of the Triangle.

I love being around people of all ages and I am very calm in session.  During session, I enjoy laying at your feet or laying on the couch next to you, if we are not doing a specific activity.  I am so proud and excited to be part of the team here at Animal-Assisted Therapy of the Triangle.  It is fun to be with Cookie and Miles and the other therapists all day, knowing that together we are working to brighten people’s day and help those is need.  I look forward to meeting you in session sometime!