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We provide a variety of educational growth opportunities

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Continuous professional development is the cornerstone of being a competent and professional counselor. Since animal-assisted therapy is a specialty area of practice within the profession of counseling and it is imperative that individuals receive additional education as well as hands-on experience to practice effectively, we offer a variety of educational programs to meet the needs of individuals interested in incorporating animal-assisted therapy into their practice.


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AAT-I Credential Program

Our comprehensive animal assisted therapy interventionist credential program (AAT-I) combines online learning with a hands on experiential component to prepare licensed professionals to practice animal-assisted therapy.

AAT-I Continuing Education

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If you are already certified in animal assisted therapy and looking for continuing education credits, we have a variety of courses to deepen your knowledge which includes completing a single course within the animal assisted therapist interventionist credential program (AAT-I).

Graduate Internship 


If you are a Masters or Doctoral level student looking for a clinical experience placement to learn more about animal-assisted therapy, we have created a customized internship program to facilitate your learning.


Sharing Stories

My son was able to open up to you [Dr. Strayer] about the trauma he experienced as a result of the death of several loved ones in his life in a way he was not able to do with other therapists. He opened up more in eight sessions with you and Dooli than he did in six months of therapy with a community support team of thress professionals. During and after therapy I have seen a reduction in negative behaviors. My son seems better able to think through next steps when he is feeling frustrated or angry. He uses effective coping skills and feels more confident about this ability to do so on a daily basis. Thank you for all the great work you and Dooli did with my son
— mother of male adolescent client