Hello!  My name is Dooli which is means “Shy Hero”. Christina rescued me from the Johnston County Animal Shelter in 2007 at the age of 3.  I had been abandoned in a rental home by my previous owners.  I was left to starve and was in poor health when I was found.  

I was shy but loved my new family. I was fearful of food and would not take any type of treats from anyone. My new human mom tried everything! My veterinarian guessed, due to my canine being broken, that maybe I took table food and was kicked which broke my tooth and gave me food issues.  Eventually with love and patience, I learned to accept treats from family and select clients.

 I also proved to be stubborn when it came to obedience training but I am an English Bulldog/Boxer mix!  Luckily, my new human mom saw my potential and guided me with patience.  She took me to a personal trainer and group classes. I was the star of the class and received my AKC Canine Good Citizen Certification and my Therapy Dog Certification from Carolina Canines in Wilmington.  

I worked as a co-therapist with Christina for many years.  I worked with children, adolescents and adults.  I also helped with group work.  I especially enjoyed events.  I was a Volunteer Reading Dog at the Four Oaks Library.  I have visited people in the hospital.  I have even wore my favorite tie as a Court Dog in Johnston and Wake County!  I love snuggling people, listening to them and being petted!

I am slowing down some so I am now retired but still enjoy life by volunteering occasionally with Christina at the Clayton Center for Active Aging, playing with my canine and human siblings, visiting my animal cousins and sometimes just relaxing!