Hi! My name is Cricket and I am a Jack Russell terrier mix who is sweet, sassy, and full of energy.  The first thing you may notice about me are my speckled ears, but if you look closely I have speckles on my belly and feet too.  With my smile and wagging tail, I am inviting, you to pet me and I may jump in your lap if you’re not careful!   

Unfortunately, early in life I developed a case of heartworm and found myself surrendered to a rescue organization, which helped me to receive the medical treatment I desperately needed.  It was important for me to be quiet while I was recuperating, and Sarah agreed to take me into her home.  I became instant buddies with Sarah’s other dogs and she realized quickly that I was meant to be a permanent part of the family.  I have a contagious, happy energy, as well as a natural ability to read the energy and emotions of people.  I am in the process of completing my Therapy Dog training and so excited to learn everything I need to know to work with Sarah as a co-therapist at Animal Assisted Therapy of the Triangle.

I love being around people of all ages and I am very curious and interactive in session.  During session, I enjoy sitting on the couch next to you and if you are comfortable I will get in your lap or rest my head on your shoulder.  I am so proud and excited to join my sister, Ella, as part of the team here at Animal-Assisted Therapy of the Triangle.  It is fun to be with Cookie, Miles, Max, Pickles, and the other therapists all day, knowing that together we are working to brighten people’s day and help those is need.  I look forward to meeting you in session sometime!