Hello!  I am Cookie.  Do not let my name fool you!  I am a proud Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix.  Christina visited friends at the Selma Cotton Mill one day and asked if any rescues who they thought would be a good therapy dog candidate showed up to please let her know because Dooli was almost ready to retire.  I showed up the same day she was visiting! After no one claimed me, she adopted me. 

I bonded quickly with Christina and my new family.  I enjoyed playing with my new toys, getting treats, snuggling for naps, and meeting my new dog cousins!  Then, Christina took me for obedience training.  After obedience training, Christina began to take me to work and she along with my canine brother Dooli (who is a legend he said), began to train me for therapy work.  I cannot believe I have gone from being homeless to working with Christina to help people learn how to relax, change their negative thought patterns (hey, I had my own to change!), and many more goals we work on together.  She pays me with love, walks, my favorite treats and playtime!  I also travel with Christina to teach other professionals how to incorporate animals in therapy settings.  We recently went to New York!  I made a lot of friends and enjoyed the Madison Park!

I will always be grateful to Dooli for passing his job on to me!  He taught me how to work hard by sleeping, snoring (providing free aromatherapy a.k.a. passing gas) and occasionally being playful.  Sometimes I have to be serious and listen/follow my obedience commands so I do, especially to teach children why we have to be civil sometimes for ourselves and others.  Dooli let me come to work with him for 2 months and trained me!

I work with the best animal team here at Animal Assisted Therapy of the Triangle and at Fuzzy Face Refuge!  I am so happy I work with other therapy animals here Ella and Miles.  When I am at the farm, I have fun seeing the goats, rabbits, geese, horses and ponies!  When I take breaks I visit Melodie and her pups at Green Earth Herbals right here in the building and just play!

I also had the best human trainers at Carolina Ranch in Garner, Adam and Morgan.  They made training fun and taught Christina how to continue my training at home.  I enjoyed my time there so much I still visit them to stay sometimes!  

When not working, I enjoy playing with my canine sister, Miss Maude,  who is blind (she is my best friend), visiting my animal cousins, family, playing with my favorite Teddy Bear, petting people on the head, giving kisses, and acting like a cat sometimes.  Everyone calls me Cat-Dog!