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Hi! My name is Archer and I am a fun-loving Border Collie puppy.  I’m full of energy and would just love to crawl in your lap or give you lots of kisses.  With my smiling face and wagging tail, I am inviting you to pet me. Scratches under the chin or behind my ears are my favorite!   

I have an exciting life, living with lots of other brothers and sisters at home.  I love to play with my toys, I am trying not to chew things that are valuable and important to Mom, I’m working on not chasing cars, and learning to walk nicely on a leash. I am diligently taking puppy training classes so that I can graduate and eventually complete my therapy dog training.  I cannot wait to be a therapy dog like the other certified dogs here at Animal Assisted Therapy of the Triangle.

I love being around people of all ages and I am playful in session.  During session I enjoy sitting with you on the sofa, but my favorite thing is to do a specific activity with you.  I am so proud and excited to be part of the team here at Animal-Assisted Therapy of the Triangle.  It is fun to be with Cookie, Miles, Ella, and the other therapists all day, knowing that together we are working to brighten people’s day and help those is need.  I look forward to meeting you in session sometime!